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On 1 October 1999, fitting for the 50th birthday of the People's Republic of China, the new PuDong airport went operational. It is located about 45 km East of the city center. It has a 4000 x 60 m runway. The old airport, the Hongqiao Airport is about 6 km West of Shanghai.

Traffic in Shanghai is one enormous nightmare! Traffic jams are frequent, so reserve enough time to go to some place.

There are two kinds of Taxis. The smaller version is not air-conditioned, and has anti-robbery partitions. The larger, more comfortables have air-conditioning. Prices range from USD 0.15-0.20 per kilometer. It definitely helps if you know where you want to go and can give the driver directions (use a map!)

A taxi from the Hongqiao airport to Nanjinglu or the Bund costs about USD 5 (if you take a red mini-cab instead of a Volkswagen Sedan.)