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Home of the Terracotta Warriors

Xian has achieved worldwide fame since the terracotta warriors were found in 1974 by local farmers digging a well, and the total display is stunning. We were lucky enough to see several figures that had only been unearthed the previous week so that all the natural original colours could be seen, although even in this short time, they had begun to fade. The discovery has brought mass tourism to the area, and the local airport has been extended to be one of the best in the country. The original discoverer has become famous in his own right, and was pointed out to us as now working in a shop in the complex. However later in the day another man in another shop was introduced with the same claim ! There may well be more! do not forget to see the panorama history of the site before visiting the various pits as it gives a very useful backgroundThere are however in the area many additional sights including the Huaqing Hot Springs as shown above, which was the site in 1936 where Chiang Kaishek was captured by his own generals. Also visit the Banpo Neolithic Village uncovered in 1963, and the two Wild Goose pagoda's Climbing to the top of the larger Pagoda the traveller is faced with the image of two large feet, and we have yet to discover the origin. Another very impressive structure is the restored original city walls, which provide a good vantage point to see local life from the mini gardens too the many intense card and mah jong games in progress