Shopping in China

 Shopping in China
China is undergoing a transition from a planned to a market economy. Commodities are priced in one of the following three ways. First, fixed prices by the state; second, regulatory prices by the state; and third, market prices. Most of the tourist merchandises fall under the third category of market prices. Therefore, you may pay visit to several shops to get the best price.

Like other countries, China is plagued by shoddy and counterfeited products, especially on street stands. Tourists are advised to make informed choices and shop accompanied by local guides. Also, big department stores and tourist stores designated by the government tend to have better credibility. Also, always ask for a receipt.

Business hours
Shops: Open daily from 9 am to 8 pm (some to 9pm).

Banks: Currency can be exchanged at banking counters, in hotels and stores. There are no standard hours of business for the exchange counters in hotels.