Ecstasy Involving White Clay To ease Transmission Network Become Robbed Police Advise You should not Panic

Recently, various online meeting places and micro unhappy Bo passed to pull up quickly notice - "Public Calm Bureau to help remind you Huxiangzhuangu: If someone domestically on the path, Fujian, Tie Guan Yin to provide you, makes he smell, you must does not be taken. This may not be Iron Goddess worries Mercy, it is white clay to help remedy, is a The sun. a crime as smell the weak, the light dealing Jiese robbed, broke by high re-sale these kind of organs. very foul, is now with your Guangdong, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Tianjin and other alike cities appear, please forward as quickly as possible to tell all the family. "

"Emergency notice" any "financial Jiese grab" and really "sale of organs" and folks the content relevant to scalp tingling. Recently, the Beijing softer Hebei, the police maintain the rumor, saying that such cases rrn no way receive a temporary alarm. The day before yesterday, the reporter considering the Kunming Public Freedom Bureau spokesman's Workplace was informed of how your city seriously not received the same kind of police intelligence the actual way public attention simple to avoid the same, there' no requirement to panic.

Web presence mad pass "emergency notice"

Recently, the reporter came accross surfing, "emergency notification" has appeared in various well-known local, and the fast dissemination of internet data in the micro-blog. "Emergency notice" inside the "white clay to ease" does have it's material, but mainly for producing ceramics, is one of those particular clay. In a lot of the TV drama, you will experience poor people hungry as soon as the old society, digging this particular relatively high viscosity by eating white clay to alleviate the plot.

But in truth, even "white clay to help remedy a drugged" were too outrageous, but you could find many users likewise have forwarded, some users additionally forward the gaze, additional on the "year is getting close to, we care, " for that reason to make fella vigilance.

The city is not received similar signal website

Post is inquired about, this trick "is you're in Guangdong, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Tianjin and other alike cities there, " and the media recently launched that Hebei: Hebei Province Public Security cheap ralph lauren polos Business enterprise office command center being a result of verified, Hebei Province, recently had not received the kind of circulating The so-called "Iron Goddess from this Mercy Ecstasy" robbery alarm. Police remind everyone don't believe and spread the particular message, also called for the reason stars or famous people, not through end-user influence random forget about, "Public Security Venture reminds", thus coming unnecessary panic. All who have, the Beijing police have studied the rumor of that thing.

The before yesterday, the reporter inside a Kunming Public Amount of protection Bureau spokesman's Worktable was informed, Kunming is also not received form warning situation, users need not panic. At the identical time, Kunming police reminded users to be vigilant for a daily lives, care and in order to strangers, to preventing a variety relevant to tricks.