will have no further need of him

The king wore ugg boots outlet a dark iron crown on his pale brow, and held in his hands a long gray something that Tiamak could not quite see. It had something of the shape of a sword, but Tiamak's eyes could not fasten on it properly, as though it did not entirely reside within the natural world. The king himself was dressed in full royal pomp, but his clothes were stained, and his cloak where the wind caught and lifted it showed more holes than cloth.
"Throw it away?" Elias said slowly. His eyes UGG Boots Australia were still downcast, and he replied to whatever Josua had said with the air of one who had been daydreaming. "Throw it away? But I could never do that. Not now."
"For God's love and mercy, Elias!" Josua said desperately, "it is killing you! And it is meant to do more-whatever Pryrates has told you, he plans only evil!"
The king lifted his head, and Tiamak, though he was behind Josua and hidden by the shadows in the stairwell, could not help recoiling ugg outlet in horror. The red light from the windows played across the king's colorless face; muscles writhed beneath the skin like worms. But it was his eyes that made Tiamak choke back a shout of fear. A dull gleam smoldered in them, an inhuman light like the pallid glare of marsh-candles,
"Aedon save us," Josua gasped.
"But this is not Pryrates' plan." Elias' lips pulled back in a stiff smile, as though he could no longer make his face work properly. "I am the High King, do not forget: everything moves at my will. It is my plan. UGG Boots Clearance The priest has only done my bidding, and soon I will have no further need of him. And you ..." he rose, unfolding himself with odd jerking movements until he stood at full height, the uncertain gray thing still resting point-down on the floor, "... you were my brother. Once."
"Once!?" Josua shouted. "Elias, what has happened to you? You have become something foul-something demonic!"
He took a step back and almost fell into the hole of the stairwell, then turned Naidel's hilt UGG Cyber Monday in his trembling hand and made the sign of the Tree over his own breast. Thunder growled outside and the light flickered, but the king only stared at him blankly.
"I am no demon," the king said. He seemed to be considering the matter carefully. "No. But soon I will be more-much more-than a man. I can feel it already, feel myself opening to the winds that cry between stars, feel myself as a night sky where comets flare...."