Ugg boots are made from sheepskin and wool

cheap uggs are made from sheepskin and wool. They are very expensive and luxury, so they need to be well taken care of, When they become dirty, they present poorly and need a good cleaning. There are both preventive measures and cleaning methods that are useful for keeping cheap ugg boots clean. When you combine both methods, you should be able to enjoy clean ugg boots for years to come. Avoid wearing discount ugg boots when it is likely they will get dirty. It is best to wear alternative shoes on days that rain heavily and when snow is wet and slushy (dry snow should be all right). Avoid walking in mud at any time; it cakes on and it is hard to remove at the time or afterward. Anything that can soak your uggs should be avoided (puddles, streams, wet areas). Also avoid wearing sale uggs kids anywhere that they might be scratched, such as hiking trails, as the leather is soft and will scratch easily and permanently. Consider spraying new ugg boots with a water resistant and stain-repellent spray. Ask when you purchase the black cheap ugg bootsp if the retailer has this on hand. It can save a bit of heartache down the track. Make sure to spray evenly and leave to dry for 24 hours after spraying so that it is throughly dry. Ugg Australia recommends frequent reapplication during the rainy season.