The tumult was growing outside

Tiamak was unable UGG Black Friday to speak or move. His already fading vision blurred as his eyes filled with tears. A great noise suddenly boomed through the chamber, shaking even the floor beneath him. Red light bloomed even more brightly beyond the windows, as though flames surrounded the tower-for a moment they leaped high enough that he could see them, and see the king's fire-drawn silhouette in the window. Then they were gone. The bell had rung a third time.
Simon paused at the throne room door. Despite the strange calm he had felt on his trip through the Hayholt's UGG Boots Clearance underbelly, despite Bright-Nail hanging on his hip, his eart was thudding in his chest. Would the king be waiting silently in the dark, as in Hjeldin's Tower?
He pushed through the doorway, one hand falling to his sword hilt.
The throne room was empty, at least of people. Six silent figures flanked the Dragonbone Chair, but Simon knew them of old. He stepped inside.
The heraldic banners that had hung along the ceiling had fallen, worried free by the teeth of the ugg outlet wind that streamed in through the high windows. Flattened beasts and birds lay in tangled piles, a few of them even draped limply across the bones of the great chair. Simon stepped over a waterstained pennant; the falcon stitched upon it stared, eye wide as though shocked by its tumble from the heavens. Nearby, partially covered by other damp banners, lay a black cloth with a stylized golden fish. As Simon looked at it, a memory came drifting up.
The tumult was growing outside. He knew he had little time to spare, but the wisp UGG Boots Australia of memory teased him. He moved toward the black malachite statues. The pulsing storm light made their features seem to writhe, and for a moment Simon worried that the same magics that made the entire castle shift and change might be bringing the stone kings to life, but to his relief they remained frozen, dead.
Simon stared at the figure standing just to the right of the great chair's yellowed arm. Eahlstan Fiskerne's face was lifted as though he looked to a glory beyond the windows, beyond the castle and its towers. Simon had gazed ugg boots outlet many times at the martyr-king's face, but this time was different.
He's the one I saw, he realized suddenly. In the dream Leieth showed me. He was reading his book and waiting for the dragon. She said: "This is a part of your story, Simon. " His eyes dropped to the thin circlet of gold around his own finger. The fish symbol scribed on the band looked back at him. What was it Binabik had told him the Sithi writing on the ring meant? Dragons and death?