need to liquefy the world

Wu Jue , need to liquefy the world vitality inside the body similar. A great deal of soul strength flows into to limitedly know a sea space inside, let the dragon soars of know all of the soul strength of nautical mile noodles is highly compress. But, these are obviously still not enough, soul strength's flowing out to go into really is too quick and killed an origin soul the bead seem to be in this a moment completely and give up for inhibitting those soul strength, a brains released all of those soul strengths. Rest whole Kill an origin soul the bead seem to be a while to thoroughly release to the tie of those souls strengths that visit generally frauds to leave, the huge soul strength gets into those a while of know nautical mile noodles. Before and so pressed the department according to Long Xiang for the operation of class originally, perhaps the dragon soars of the soul state canned safely break Wu Zun's state. But this time, kill origin soul bead suddenly is not, a while sank Long Xiang into a kind of extremely dangerous territory ground. The dragon soars of know sea a while and then violently inflate, the whole souls all feel to know a burst of voice of Mao Ca of sea spreading.The dragon soars benefit makeup in the heart bottom to hate keep grinding teeth, this killed an origin soul bead to unexpectedly open so greatly a fun at this time and oneself.If this absolutely is murdering oneself, Long Xiang, to simultaneously make greatest efforts to compress the soul strength Benefit Pencil of knowing the nautical mile noodles, Benefit Perfume hope to coagulate a drop of liquid soul strength, so, other soul strength the meeting soon convert into liquid. On the other hand Long Xiang then transfers one part of soul strength will soon collapse to protecting of know sea. At this time, the small white also realizes the crisis that dragon soars anxiously spreads a sound cheap benefit cosmetics to Long Xiang and says eldest brother and hurries and spread parts of soul strength pass over here, quick. The voice that hears small white, Long Xiang also responded to come over.Hurriedly pass the contractual contact of absolute being of parts of soul strength to deliver to the small white. But just just start delivering, the dragon soars depressedly discovered, contractual some ability of absolute being were unexpectedly separated by the mysterious strength, could separate contractual absolute being in this time of, also only kill an origin soul bead. In this time, Long Xiang was absolut