It was not enough to save the prince

Josua at last UGG Boots Clearance drew back, gasping for breath. The sweat on his brow gleamed as lightning flickered in the distance.
"You see," Elias said, "it is too late for such crude methods." He paused for a moment; a rumble of thunder gently shook the bells. "Too late." The smoky light in his eyes flared as he lifted Sorrow. "But it is not too late for me to enjoy a little repayment for all the evil you have done me-my wife dead, my throne made unsafe, my daughter's heart poisoned against me. Later I will have UGG Cyber Monday Deals other concerns. But for this time I can think on you, once-brother." He stepped forward, the sword a shadowy blur.
Josua fought a desperate battle of resistance, but the king had a more than human strength. He quickly backed Josua against the southern window, then, despite the strange stiffness of his movements, kept the prince pinned there with heavy blows that Josua only barely managed to keep from his vital spots. Slender Naidel was not enough to hold the king away, and within instants Josua UGG Cyber Monday tottered against the window-ledge, unable to protect himself any longer. Elias abruptly reached out and grasped Naidel by the blade, then yanked it from Josua's grip. Tiamak, desperate beyond sense, clambered up out of the stairwell and flung himself at the king's back as Sorrow rose overhead. The Wrannaman dragged at Elias' sword arm.
It was not enough to save the prince. Josua flung up his arms to protect himself, but the gray blade hammered down at his neck. Tiamak did not see the sword UGG boots on sale bite, but he heard the awful smash of impact and felt it shiver up the king's arm. Josua's head jerked and he flew to one side, blood streaming from his neck. He collapsed like an empty sack, then lay still.
Thrown off his balance, the king staggered sideways, then reached up and grasped the back of Tiamak's neck with his free hand. For a moment the Wrannaman's hands closed on Sorrow; the sword was so cold that it burned him. A horrible lance of chill UGGS on sale pierced Tiamak's chest and his arms lost their feeling. He had time only to let out a scream of anguish for his pain, for Josua, for all that had gone so terribly wrong, then the king tugged him free and threw him aside. Tiamak felt himself skid across the bellchamber's stone floor, helpless, then something smashed against his head and neck.
He lay on his side, crumpled against the wall.