droplet of blood oozed from the place where the

"May Usires the UGG Black Friday Sale Ransomer forgive me," Josua breathed. "You are correct, Elias. You are no longer my brother."
The king's calm expression twisted into rage. "And whose is the fault?! You have envied me since you were a child and have done your best to destroy me. You took my wife from me, my beloved Hylissa, stole her and gave her to Death! I have not had a moment's peace since!" The king lifted a twitching hand. "But that was not enough-no, cutting out my heart was not enough for you, but you would have my Black Friday UGGS rightful kingship, too! So you covet my crown, do you?" he bellowed. "Here, take it!" He wrenched at the dark circlet as Josua stared. "Cursed iron-it has burned me until I thought I would go mad!" Elias grunted as he ripped it free and cast it to the floor. A seared shadow-crown of torn, blackened flesh remained on his brow.
Josua took a step back, eyes wide with horror and pity. Tears ran down his cheeks. "I pray ... Aedon's mercy! I pray for your soul, UGG Black Friday Elias." The prince lifted his leather-capped arm as though to push away what he saw. "Ah, God, you poor man!" He stiffened, then raised Naidel and extended it until the point trembled before the king's breast. "But you must surrender that cursed sword. There are only moments before Pryrates comes. I cannot wait."
The king dropped his chin, peering out at Josua from beneath his eyebrows, head lolling as if his neck was broken. A thick droplet of blood oozed from the place where the crown had been. "Ah. Ah. Is it that UGG Boots Australia time, then? I grow confused, since everything has already happened-or so it seems ..." He swept up the gray thing, and for a moment it hardened into existence, a long mottle-bladed sword, with a double guard, streaked with fiery gleams. Tiamak quailed, but stayed where he was, unable to look away. The blade seemed a piece of the storm-tortured sky. "Very well. ..."
Josua leaped forward with a wordless cry, Naidel darting like lightning. The king flicked Sorrow and knocked the blow aside, but did not ugg outlet return the thrust. Josua danced back, shaking as though fevered; Tiamak wondered if merely having the gray sword touch his own made him quiver so. The prince waded in again, and for long moments he strove to break through his brother's guard. Elias seemed to fight in a sort of dream, moving in sudden spasms, but only enough to block Josua's attacks, waiting until the last moment each time as though he knew where the prince would strike.